Hello World pt.1 (more like Hello Universe..)

Good Evening,
1st Time premiering an RPG on Itch. Shouldn't have taken me this long but been getting everything in order. Name is Daye Williams & leading a project called "PROJECT 88x" (working on the official name at the moment). Been a major desire to work on RPGs ever since I was young. Grew up in the RPG Renaissance of the 90s, & after working on several small Arcade titles, It feels great to actually put time & effort toward an RPG.

PROJECT 88x is a Science Fantasy RPG inspired by some of the best RPGs ever including Star Ocean 2nd Story, Tales of Phantasia, & Earthbound/Mother. A crew of friends find themselves in another plane when they mysteriously teleport to a Cosmic/Astral World. There they journey on eccentric random adventures, coming across supernatural beings & bizarre creatures. 

PROJECT 88x has many comical themes but explores deep Spiritual Themes such as Spirit, Accession, the Soul & other Metaphysical themes. The Story dives into the relationships of the crew.

Hope you doods stay tuned as we explore a vast exploration into a zany expansive world with some really cool Science Fantasy/Retrofuturism themes. More info to come soon!  

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